Dear Friends and Supporters,

In the  weeks since the provincial election, I have awoken in the middle of the night with one thought that I cannot escape.

The window of time in which we can take meaningful action to reverse the disastrous impacts of climate change is coming to a close. And I know I am not alone in feeling this sense of urgency.

In the past few months,  I have spoken with thousands of Calgarians on every point on the political spectrum; and not one person was without concern for our planet and the role that the natural resources industry has played in advancing the effects of climate change. I know that there are divisions on how to best proceed when it comes to taking action, and the role that government, industry and individuals should play in combating this crisis.

For those of you that followed me over the past few months, you know, that my focus has been very simple:

Alberta’s energy economy is not at odds with decisive climate action. In fact, we benefit from it.

The stability that comes from having clear climate mitigation plans for the resource sector, as well as job creation in other energy producing sectors, is necessary to begin the diversification of our economy and has set us up for continued prosperity in the years to come.

As Albertans, we are pioneers, we are entrepreneurs, we are resilient These strengths are exactly what we need to focus in a changing world, both environmentally and economically.

To the chagrin of many in Alberta, our new Premier has committed time, energy and effort in downplaying the positive effects that the Alberta Climate Action Plan has had on our environment and our economy.

The battle for Alberta’s future is not over. In fact, more than ever, it is our job as progressives to step up, to hold our provincial government to account, and to fight for what matters to our future, for our economy and for our children.This is why I have decided to fight for Calgary – Confederation.

With your help, we can and must ensure that Alberta’s green entrepreneurs and innovators can flourish, that our economy is strengthened while we come together, as Canadians, to combat this climate crisis.

I believe that diversity is our strength. I also believe our provincial representative leadership does not reflect this truth. From past experience, I know that it’s a challenging time for politics, especially with the divisive climate that subversive industrial advertising and digital influence has created. The cost of standing up for what we believe in is enormous, especially for women. But for me, this is all the more reason to do so. When it is difficult to speak out, that is precisely when we must.

There is so much at stake in this upcoming election. Calgary must have a strong progressive voice to fight for our economy, our climate, and our amazing, diverse province and stand up for the values we fought for in the provincial election and still believe in.

This October, I hope you’ll join me.